Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees. RUMI

Platypus Dreaming is NonLiterate Culture, Opaleyez and KayaXan, Voice of the Rainforest..

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”Rumi
We have 3 different projects on etsy!!
Platypus Dreaming www.platypusdreaming.etsy.com
Opaleyez www.opaleyez.etsy.com just started!
kayaXan www.kayaXan.etsy.com coming soon!! january 2019

Chanting of the rainforest. Tamsin has Irish and south African background and she was born and raised in Australia and studied at high school in France and University in Spain and Australia. Kaya is Tamsin’s partner, visionary and he has Kurdish and Zaza background, he was born in Kurdistan Mediterranean Region of Anatolia, today called Turkey !!! Studied university in Turkey and Australia, We hold couple of bachelor degrees and master degree, We met in Sydney..We decided to mix old knowledge thru new dreaming and Platypus Dreaming


s born as conscious choice of getting out of the Modern Society, going back to root of organic gardening and yes Platypus dreaming is Garden Activism! Our goal is creating ourselves where environment doesn’t need protecting anymore so it could look after every living being on earth and beyond. . we are plant powered. We are both well educated and well traveled. We speak English, French, Spanish and Turkish. We are both Holographic Kinetic Healing practitioners.. It is a healing modality that deals with healing on a spirit level. Spirit knows everything.
We would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work and live. Recognise their continuing connection to the land, water and community.

We pay respect to our Elders past, present and emerging..
There are not many countries left on earth we have not yet been to. We are always up for our new creations. Trying to collect most ethical and handmade tribal beads and tears from every way we know while we are travelling. We go to rural and local markets and meet a lot of interesting locals and listen to their stories to shape in our hands. We have chased solar eclipses, mixing a lot of cultures together in different realities with new dreaming of heart and mind. We like psychedelic music. We make multidimensional and multicultural jewellery for NewKind people with love, intention and metta.. We live at NewKind Embassy which was born from the ash of the ancient mind set.. We are reconnecting with the central sun and following natural order.. our manifestation is free food, clean water, and basic shelter for every being on earth. Equal education creates Newkind.. We live in rainforest. Continuing to create our new reality..We are rock hounds, stone cutters, jewelery makers, healers, gardeners, lovers and so much else to say. We are almost solar powered , rain water system .. focusing on creating safe space with food and medicine forest surrounded with oldest rainforest so that every being may be happy.. We are just custodians of the land for wild life in deep sacred rainforest space..Nonliterate Indigenous neighbourhood to reconnect our spirit for new dreaming.. Ngumbay, Djapukai country (Kuranda, North Queensland, AUSTRALIA).. Onee pahl zjen..

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