Chanting of the Rainforest

Be Part or Be Art!

Welcome to Dreaming.

Platypus Dreaming is a revival of ancient techniques as we handcraft unique and powerful shamanic tools. It is an invocation of roots, ritual and memory: we utilise ancient ceremonies to cleanse and activate talismans so they may operate and serve at extremely high frequencies. Each creation comes highly charged and aligned to the vibration of the oldest living forest on Earth. All our talismans are programmed to change the fractal affecting the entire hologram of reality. They are made to have a symbiotic relationship with new custodians…

Crystal Rehabilitation Centre.

We operate Platypus Dreaming as a ‘crystal rehabilitation centre’ and our talismans are integrated into a giant crystal grid situated on top of the quartz-filled mountains of Kuranda, Far North Queensland. They receive optimal energetic downloads from the sun, moon, rain, wind and ancient water that is plentiful in the oldest rainforest on Earth, activating the memory of Adiyoga. Our stones are released from any previous traumas they may be carrying and are charged and activated with the full moon and new moon cycles. Each talisman stays with us until we feel it has built a symbiotic relationship with the land and is therefore complete as is and is ready for release.

Fairtrade and Authentic.

We see talismans as the tools to activate intelligence of nature in human form and we exhibit the stellar creativity of nature in all our designs. Each creation is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and individually crafted with meticulous attention to detail in oldest rainforest in Far North Queensland, Australia, where indigenous shamans create the deserts, mountains, rainforests and reefs as one image. We have firsthand access to stones as they emerge from the Earth. We are directly involved with each step of the creation process, including cutting and polishing, designing, weaving, programming and activating. We only recycle crystals that are already unearthed; we rehabilitate and upcycle them for their new journey.

Restoring Rainforest.

Platypus Dreaming plants trees for your purchase in collaboration with Australian non-profit organisation Rainforest Rescue, buy rainforest land back and protect top soil with all living being forever… Each tree is looked after for two years until it is well established and can thrive on its own with rest of soil. We support Rainforest Rescue in their mission to preserve Daintree rainforest for all generations forever…

“Let the Beauty of what you love,
Be what you do” – Rumi 👇