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Raw Crystal Talismans


Ancient knowledge in new dreaming.

We are a family of talisman makers, creating high-quality meaningful talismans in the oldest living rainforest on Earth – FNQ, Australia. Each piece is a fusion of the incredible intelligence of nature, combined with human artistry and passion.


Cleansed and activated by the natural elements.

Each crystal necklace talisman undergoes a cleansing ceremony where it is cleared of past traumas and aligned to natural time frequency. Our talismans are integrated into a giant crystal grid in the surrounding quartz-filled mountains of Kuranda, Australia where they undergo a powerful earthing experience.


Over five hundred ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ CUSTODIAN reviews.


Connection to every aspect of the creation process.

Stones are hand-cut and polished at our home studio. Each talisman is handwoven using ancient techniques. The result is an enchanting yet timeless statement piece, ready for an onward journey with the new custodian.


Replanting rainforest.

Our vision is to serve the awakening of humanity as we move into a new era of enlightenment on Earth. Together with Rainforest Rescue we are helping expand the Daintree Rainforest, Australia.

The Oldest Rainforest on Earth is worth protecting forever.


Custodian Reviews

i have been there, in the temple, surrounded with crystals. Tamsin and Kaya doing their craft from their soul. They respect the spirit and the land. Ethical source and attitude is the most important thing for me..

Sezen Yasar / Happy Custodian

I am completely in love with my malachite! Art for my neck 🙂 it’s definitely magical, so intricately designed. I truely feel protected when I’m wearing it- which is always 😍

Kate Elliot / Happy Custodian

There is something magical about everything they create. The stones are exquisite and rare and the workmanship in the macrame is astounding. So many perfect knots and interesting detail.

Nicole Elvira / Happy Custodian