Australian Chrysoprase

The Enchanting Stone of Emotional Balance

Our Chrysoprase talismans have a rare beauty that transports us to the Australian wilderness. The enchanting gel-like structure is cool and firm to touch, helping manifest a deep feeling of calm and serenity. It is one of our most potent and energizing crystals and we are so excited to be able to share it with you. Find your perfect Australian Chrysoprase necklace here.

Align to the healing frequencies of the oldest rainforest on Earth

Chrysoprase is an effective stone for supporting emotional balance. It emanates a serene and tranquil energy, when we meditate on in its luscious green coloring. It transports the wearer to the magical rainforest pools of Far North Queensland, Australia, where they are crafted and created. Chrysoprase is a rare and unique gem, with a clarity that enhances its restorative and healing powers. Linked to the heart chakra, Chrysoprase is a wonderful tonic to an anxious disposition. It promotes a sense of balance and grounding, especially when worn as a pendant. Alongside their balancing and calming properties, Chrysoprase talismans can bring a gentle joy and optimism. Although calm and serene, its coloring can also bring a sense of freedom and release – like a warm tropical beach, with gentle blue waves and soft, white sand. Let the subtle playfulness and care-free feeling of this stone wash away your worries and create a sense of harmony within you. Clear your mind and soothe your spirit.

Australian Chrysoprase Necklace Talismans: A stone of alignment and balance

A stone of alignment and balance, Australian Chrysoprase necklace talismans are the ideal form to work with this magical stone. They resonate with the Heart Chakra and promotes a gentle compassion and self-love. Wear this gem as a personal talisman to remind yourself daily to take a breath and find your inner balance. Chrysoprase is an ideal adornment to anyone looking for a reassuring force to accompany them about their day. Its gentle energy can instill a feeling of self-acceptance and an attitude of compassion not only towards yourself but towards others too.

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