Our Lifetime Happiness Guarantee

What is our “Lifetime” Happiness Guarantee?

Our #1 priority here at Platypus Dreaming is your HAPPINESS – alwaysWhen you purchase a crystal talisman from Platypus Dreaming, you will be part of our crystal community. This gives you access to our exclusive FREE cord replacement service.


What does that mean?

If you would like to celebrate a new era of your life, we will replace your cord FREE OF CHARGE (only pay for shipping). Refresh yourself, refresh your cord!

Connect with us so we could provide our shipping address. This is a free community service for Platypus Dreaming custodians. Maximum two cord changes each year.

Please note: Being a handmade item there is always a chance that it could break when being re-worked. Please accept this before you send. If you’re not prepared to let go of the crystal, it may be better to keep it with you. All shipping costs remain the buyer’s responsibility and we will email shipping invoice upon confirmation.

We are passionate about creating a positive and empowering experience for you.