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Aquamarine Jewelry: Wear the Stone of the Sea

The Stone of the Sea Aquamarine is a stone of the sea, which is where [...]

Crystal Talismans: 5 Stones for Self-Confidence

Using crystal talismans as a tool for self-empowerment Wearing crystal talismans is one of the [...]

Citrine: The Stone of Joy, Positivity & Abundance

Wear a Citrine Necklace: Embrace Joy, Positivity & Abundance Its optimistic and warm colour reminiscent [...]

Larimar Jewelry: Stone of Serenity

Larimar jewelry makes use of this soothing stones properties that aid the wearer with finding [...]

Australian Chrysoprase

The Enchanting Stone of Emotional Balance Our Chrysoprase talismans have a rare beauty that transports [...]

What is a Crystal Talisman?

Crystal Talismans and Amulets… How to Use Them to Enhance Your Life! Crystal talismans and [...]

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