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Aquamarine Jewelry: Wear the Stone of the Sea

The Stone of the Sea Aquamarine is a stone of the sea, which is where it gets its name. Its blue colouring varies from pale and gentle blues to vibrant and deep shades, reminiscent of the ocean. Aquamarine jewelry is a popular choice in our shop – find your perfect piece here. Connecting with the element […]

Crystal Talismans: 5 Stones for Self-Confidence

Using crystal talismans as a tool for self-empowerment Wearing crystal talismans is one of the easiest ways to incorporate crystal healing into your everyday life. Adorning yourself with crystal jewelry is a great way to harness the properties of the stones. Whether that’s in the form of crystal earrings, crystal bracelets or crystal necklaces. Crystal […]

Citrine: The Stone of Joy, Positivity & Abundance

Wear a Citrine Necklace: Embrace Joy, Positivity & Abundance Its optimistic and warm colour reminiscent of soft sunshine, Citrine is a stone of positivity and abundance. The golden honey hues of Citrine promote a positive disposition in its wearer. As a result, it can provide a revitalising pick-me-up in times of low energy. Wearing a […]