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Be Part or Be Art Enter the Dreaming Chanting of the Rainforest

Platypus Dreaming Crystal Rehabilitation Centre

Platypus Dreaming is a revival of ancient techniques as we handcraft unique and powerful shamanic tools in the rainforest of Ngunbay Djapukai Country (Kuranda, Far North Queensland, Australia). It is an invocation of roots, ritual and memory: we utilise ancient ceremonies to cleanse and activate talismans so they may operate and serve at extremely high frequencies. Each creation comes highly charged and aligned to the vibration of the oldest living forest on Earth. Our talismans are transforming the 12:60 time frequency into the 13:20 time frequency reality where dreaming begins. All our talismans are programmed to change the fractal affecting the entire hologram of reality. They are made to have a symbiotic relationship with new custodians.


Fairtrade & Authentic ♡ Heart Centred.

We see talismans as the tools to activate intelligence of nature in human form and we exhibit the stellar creativity of nature in all our designs. Each creation is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and individually crafted with meticulous attention to detail in oldest rainforest in Far North Queensland, Australia, where indigenous shamans create the deserts, mountains, rainforests and reefs as one image. We have firsthand access to stones as they emerge from the Earth. We are directly involved with each step of the creation process, including cutting and polishing, designing, weaving, programming and activating. We only recycle crystals that are already unearthed; we rehabilitate and upcycle them for their new journey.

We operate Platypus Dreaming as a ‘crystal rehabilitation centre’ and our talismans are integrated into a giant crystal grid situated on top of the quartz-filled mountains of Kuranda, Far North Queensland. They receive optimal energetic downloads from

the sun, moon, rain, wind and ancient water that is plentiful in the oldest rainforest on Earth, activating the memory of Adiyoga. Our stones are released from any previous traumas they may be carrying and are charged and activated with the full moon and new moon cycles. Each talisman stays with us until we feel it has built a symbiotic relationship with the land and is therefore complete as is and is ready for release.

Cleansed & Activated Shamanic Tools.

When you purchase from Platypus Dreaming you are receiving a highly charged talisman directly from the creators’ hands & at the same time keeping art & creativity alive on Earth. We plant one tree for each purchase and look after it for two years until they are well established and can thrive on their own in Daintree Rainforest Australia. We are pleased to achieve this in partnership with Rainforest Rescue . Together we are buying land forever to extend the Daintree Rainforest permanently, preserving for generations to come. We are converting farmland back into biodiverse habitats and re-establishing natural order.

Platypus Dreaming Collective

How Can Talismans Affect My Life?

Talismans are shamanic tools aligned to the natural energy of the sun, moon and Earth. They have a specific ability to assist an individual in focusing his or her powers.

First a symbiotic relationship with the talisman must begin. When the spirit of an individual combines with the very life force of Earth herself, individual efforts are multiplied tenfold. It becomes easier to hack the reality.

Talismans have been used since the beginning of time to focus energy in the unseen world.

As it is said in the Egyptian Book of the Dead:

Feelings become Thoughts
Thoughts Create Actions
Actions Solidify & Become Habits
Habits Create Our Future.

Ramses, S., 2001, p. 64, The Illustrated Egyptian Book of the Dead, Sterling Publishing Company, New York.

Crystals are natural amplifiers of feelings and thoughts. Their influence on the subtler planes creates outcomes in the third dimensional reality. Their influence shows up in health, career, relationships, and so forth. Experience our fifth dimensional tools to help facilitate positive transformation in your life & to focus energy to achieve what may seem impossible.

How do I know which Talisman is right for me?

Generally, all our talismans are natural amplifiers of energy and can help reignite passion for life & connection with our one’s true purpose. They are extremely protective against negative forces. They are auric cleansing and energy balancing as they have a symbiotic relationship with the natural world.

The subtler characteristics vary between crystals. Consider what areas of your life feel unfulfilled. Of course, often we lack the insight to know exactly what area that may be! For this reason we recommend going intuitively with your gut feeling and

moving beyond a mindset of logic & reason, feeling into shapes, colours and textures. The correct talisman will help lead you to whatever it is you are seeking.

We will be releasing our own comprehensive guide to crystals & talismans in detail outlining the metaphysical properties of the 150+ different stones we have experience with. If you have any crystal questions, please feel welcome to connect with us. We run Platypus Dreaming as a community service and are always pleased to serve!

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"Beautiful piece! You can tell right away that this pendant/necklace is made well and with love. Very good communication. Very pleased! Many thanks!!"
Image Testimonial
"This piece is beautiful! I wear the necklace every day and it still looks like new. I had also made a mistake on shipping when I placed my order, and the seller was understanding and very helpful in correcting the situation. Overall, I had a great experience and would highly recommend."
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"Beautiful and top notch craftsmanship. Worth every penny!"
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“Beautiful cabochon of jasper and skilled weaving of the lanyard. Good communication with the seller - I paid for Fed-Ex international shipping, and it arrived within a week. Glad to wear this exceptional piece of aboriginal art..”
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