Citrine: The Stone of Joy, Positivity & Abundance

Wear a Citrine Necklace: Embrace Joy, Positivity & Abundance

Its optimistic and warm colour reminiscent of soft sunshine, Citrine is a stone of positivity and abundance. The golden honey hues of Citrine promote a positive disposition in its wearer. As a result, it can provide a revitalising pick-me-up in times of low energy. Wearing a Citrine necklace is the perfect way to incorporate this stone into your life.

A Stone of Success

Often regarded as the stone of success, Citrine can be useful within business endeavours or when embarking on a project in your personal life. Not only great for attracting prosperity, Citrine jewellery can help you to foster your own success within your life. Allow its abundant energy to guide you towards manifesting your true desires and unlock your greatest potential. The sunny properties of Citrine make it the perfect companion for nurturing new endeavours. Its fertile energy shines down and allows your freshly sown seeds to bloom and grow with prosperity.

It’s a great stone to foster confidence and courage in all areas of your life but particularly when trying to harness energy to put into your work. Its abundant positive energy combined with ambition and inspiration can be a dynamic force for good.


Work With a Citrine Necklace

Adorning yourself with a Citrine necklace is the perfect way to channel its joyful, positive and potent energy. Allow it to negate negative energies, clear any blockages and leave behind a refreshed and rejuvenated space.

Corresponding with the solar plexus chakra, Citrine has a powerful effect on our life-force, enabling us to channel the energy from deep within us into creating our ideal reality, removing any limitations and making the changes that we deem necessary in order to live a life of balance and alignment.

Our pieces are handcrafted with care and intention and so we work with the individual energy of each stone to harness the best of its powers to create potent and life affirming talismans for you. Browse some of our healing Citrine jewellery, handmade in Australia, here.

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