Aquamarine Jewelry: Wear the Stone of the Sea

The Stone of the Sea

Aquamarine is a stone of the sea, which is where it gets its name. Its blue colouring varies from pale and gentle blues to vibrant and deep shades, reminiscent of the ocean. Aquamarine jewelry is a popular choice in our shop – find your perfect piece here.

Connecting with the element of water with Aquamarine jewelry

Used in jewelry, Aquamarine is the perfect stone to enable you to connect with the element of water. Humans are about 70% water, so connecting with this element is a powerful way of getting in touch with ourselves on a deeper level. Its strong association with the element of water make this stone a tonic for anything you’d associate with it.

A stone of balance and calm

Inspiring a sense of truthfulness and calm, Aquamarine jewelry is the perfect companion to any stressful situation. It’s also great for when you are expanding your comfort zone. Said to be useful for relieving fear, Aquamarine has a soothing and gently uplifting energy.

Aquamarine increases clairvoyance abilities and strengthens intuition. This makes is a good stone for use in meditation.  It can heighten states of spiritual awareness and is reputed to aid the wearer in reaching states of higher consciousness.

As a result, Aquamarine jewelry is perfect to be worn in situations when clarity and calm is needed. Additionally, wearing an Aquamarine pendant can strengthen your intuition and sense of self. This is ideal in situations where you may often become flustered or uncertain. Let its gentle energy soothe and guide you towards decisions aligned with your true purpose.

It’s well established that Aquamarine is a stone of calm and balance. As a result, unsurprisingly it can be a great tool for bringing a sense of calm and emotional stability to the wearer. Adorning yourself with an Aquamarine pendant or Aquamarine jewelry is the perfect way to integrate stillness and calm into your everyday life.



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