Larimar Jewelry: Stone of Serenity

Larimar jewelry makes use of this soothing stones properties that aid the wearer with finding a state of calm and serenity. Its colouring ranges from pale blue to vibrant and deep blues, the latter being rare. Our larimar has journeyed from the Dominican Republic to the tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland, Australia. It is here that they are cleansed, rehabilitated and upcycled for a new journey.

A stone of Atlantis

Larimar is often called ‘the stone of Atlantis’ because of its ocean-like qualities and appearance. The enchanting and mystical energy of this stone can be useful in creative endeavours. Its correspondence with the element of water makes it a good stone to use when working with your emotions. It’s also a good companion for embracing change.

Connecting with the Throat Chakra

Used in jewelry, Larimar is the perfect stone to use when working with the Throat Chakra. Its blue colouring is indicative of the Throat Chakra and for good reason! Larimar has a strong and gentle energy which can be useful when trying to communicate your emotions. It can help the wearer to translate their feelings into words with confidence and reassurance.

Wearing Larimar Jewelry

Larimar jewelry is great to wear in everyday life as they aid the wearer in providing clear and confident communication. Wearing a Larimar pendant is the ideal way to make the most of this beautiful stone’s properties. Wear a Larimar pendant when meditating and its gentle energies will guide you on your meditative journey.

A stone of emotional balance, Larimar can aid in soothing anxiety and is the ideal choice for using as a worry stone. Because of this it can be used to process feeling of worry, fear and trauma in a gentle and nurturing way. Wear this stone on you as a talisman for peace and tranquillity. It can help you to process your thoughts and emotions and put them into words. Larimar is a stone of emotional balance and so can help to nurture your relationships, with yourself and others. It can help you to recognise unhealthy traits and help you to relieve them and create positive change.

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